Join our community of doers and let's build something great together.

The application deadline for TEAMS have been extended to Wednesday 24.11. at 23:59 (UTC+2). Make sure to apply right away if you didn’t already!

Entrepreneurship is not about having a company, it's about solving problems and finding out what is possible.

At LUTES, we believe in building a strong community of doers. Doer is someone who is driven by the curiosity of finding out what is possible. Doer is someone who realizes that they are not living in a world of limitations, but in a world of possibilities. When a group of doers get together, great things happen. 

Together with other entrepreneurship societies and country level startup initiatives we aim to build a strong startup ecosystem in Finland.

What you'll get as a part of LUTES

Make a difference

Leave your fingerprint in the startup ecosystem of tomorrow. Inspire future entrepreneurs and help new, impactful startups emerge.

Valuable experience

Stand in the forefront of Finland's startup and entrepreneurial culture. Build and manage fascinating events, projects and communities.

Useful skills

Learn unique skills without sitting on lectures. Get real life, hands-on experience on project management, marketing, interpersonal skills and much more.

Meet awesome people

LUTES is all about bringing talented and inspiring doers together. With our network and community you might find your future employers, co-workers or even your co-founders.

We are making this easy for you.

For 2022, board and team applications are bundled up together. This means that with the same application, yo can apply for both board and team positions. LUTES consists of 7 board members and teams that work together in building a bigger, more amazing startup ecosystem than before. You can apply for Events, Community, Marketing, Funds or as the President.

Each team is controlled by a Manager, part of the Lutes Board. When you apply for a specific team, one of the applicants is chosen as the Manager of that team. No worries if you’re still unsure whether Manager position is for you – read on to learn more about each team and check the FAQ to find answers to any questions you might have!


Events inspire students with stunning event experiences and builds various startup development projects. Events is led by an Event Manager, board member of LUTES. Events team is in charge of the following activities:

  • Taste of Success
  • Excursions
  • Hackathons
  • Other new, inspiring events and programs


Community builds a strong group of doers. Community is led by a Community Manager, a board member of LUTES. Community team is in charge of the following activities:

  • Open Doors events
  • Self-Development Series workshops
  • Taking care of Lutes Family
  • Other new, community projects and value-creation for our members


Funds is an administrative team, consisting of two LUTES Board members; Partnership Manager and Treasurer.

Makes the calls and arranges stuff. Partnership Manager is in charge of a centralized sponsor and partner acquisitions, working closely with Events and Community. Partnership Manager is also in close contact with strategic partners, such as other ES organisations, university, the city and other organisations.

A good Finnish language is a huge plus in this role, so keep that in mind in your prioritizing of applications.

Knows where all the money went. Treasurer is in charge of budget allocation, expense tracking and working closely with Partnership Manager and accounting firm.

A good Finnish language is a necessity in this role, so keep that in mind in your prioritizing of applications.


Marketing works closely with Events and Community on their projects, creating content and other marketing efforts. Marketing is led by a Marketing Manager, a board member of LUTES, who maintains a consistent LUTES brand. Marketing team divides the roles themselves, but will include at least:

Designers are the Picasso’s of LUTES, who produce the coolest content in digital and print form. Photography, video, graphic design, they know their stuff.

Marketers work closely with Events and Community in coming up with amazing marketing efforts. Marketers work closely with designers as well by distributing and copywriting content to various channels, such as social media, website and prints.


Jack of all trades. President is the Chair of the Board and in charge of managing LUTES and making sure that all the Teams work smoothly together, fulfilling the strategy and vision of LUTES. President works closely with the VP, representing LUTES outside of the office. A good Finnish language is a necessity in this role, so keep that in mind in your prioritizing of applications. If applied to President position, make sure you have your calendar free on the evenings of 22nd - 26th November for application interviews.


What is the difference between a Manager and a team member?

Manager is a LUTES board member, leading the team. Managers have more responsibilities, and the positions requires a bit more hours - but they can be largely involved in all LUTES activities. Team members on the other hand can dive straight to doing with the most interesting projects and have a more flexible timetable only focusing on their team responsibilities.

How many hours LUTES positions take weekly?

We are a very flexible organization - when you're a bit too busy, we can always work things around. On the other hand, when you feel inspired and motivated, we have no reason to stop you! You can yourself decide your preferred hours, but as a team member we'd hope for 3-5 hours per week. Board positions require minimum 10 hours per week but we warn you - it's going to be so fun you'd want to work full-time with LUTES.

How the application process runs?

First, you have to fill the application form. The deadline for applications is on Sunday 21st November by the end of the day. After application you'll receive an email for you to reserve your interview slot for the next week - this will be a short, 15-minute interview by our current Chair and new Chair applicants. Nothing too serious, we just want to know you a bit more and also figure out what positions you prioritize and fits you best. After the interview, you will be invited to our General Meeting on 7th December at 5 pm. The new board will be decided in this meeting by LUTES members, our highest decision-making body. Save the date in your calendar and good luck for the application!

What positions can I apply for as a non-Finnish speaker?

LUTES works fully in English, so almost any position, both Managers and teams! Finnish is only required for Chair and Treasurer positions, as many organizational practices and finances are done in Finnish.

Do I need some experience to apply for LUTES?

We think motivation and interest is far more important than skills and experience - even though they are a bonus and will make your journey easier. In LUTES we want to offer every member a possibility to grow and develop themselves whether that is soft skills or special features in your position. We also have a strong alumni network ready to help you anytime you feel a bit stuck.

Tell me once again, why should I apply?

If you don't want to be a part of actual doers, dig your hands into inspiring events and a crazy new project you haven't done before, then LUTES is not for you. But if you're up for the roller coaster of your life while meeting people around the Finland just like you and learning more than any school year can teach - I think we both know the answer.

Are you a doer?

Application for TEAMS ends on 24th of November at the end of the day. Good luck with your application! 🙂

If you have any questions or problems regarding the application process, send email to noora(a)lutes.fi