Rahtihintojen vertailu

Rahtihintojen vertailu Description Etsimme tekijöitä toteuttamaan kuljetuskustannusten vertailutyökalun. Tavoitteena on automatisoida kansainvälisen ja kotimaan maantieliikenteen kuljetuskustannuksien vertailu. Tavoitteena on verrata eri hinnastojen pohjalta muodostuneita kustannuksia todellisiin toimituksiin ja niiden toteutuneisiin kuluihin. Looking for UI-kehittäjiä, tietokantaosaajia, koodareita. Arkkitehtuuri sovittavissa. Voi olla myös stand-alone ratkaisu Contact Minna Holopainen Email Go back Go back up Home Privacy Policy

Marketing Automation SaaS

Marketing Automation SaaS Description Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is currently one of the fastest growing industries. I want to create Marketing Automation software that will help businesses to communicate with customers by creating segmented, personalized timely marketing experiences for them. These platforms provide automation features across multiple aspects of marketing including email, social […]


Medify Description Fitness related App Looking for 1. A small team to develop an application ( 2 x Programmers + Designer). 2. A Marketing Expert. 3. Translator Finnish to English or English to Finnish. Contact Sharat M Phone Email Go back Go back up Home Privacy Policy


Verifu Description Product information platform. Looking for Two business partners. First place is for the full stack developer to work on the website. Second place is for the marketing person. What I’m looking for in partners? You want to be entrepreneur and you are willing to work hard to achieve our goals. Contact Juuso Lonka […]

Onza Systems – Itemize

Onza Systems – Itemize Description It’s a process and a set of tools that can be used to power the tech of many startups in the web sector very quickly and more efficiently than current methods; which should result in drastically reduced costs and time. Looking for I need to Find a way to Monetize […]

Social Peer2Peer Lodging

Social Peer2Peer Lodging Description Social P2P lodging: platform, web, application; (tourism, traveling, leisure). Idea is based on fully connected dynamic network, where constantly changing probability of links between two nodes in one or both directions is giving pool of matches in accommodation Looking for Programmer, another programmer, marketing & sales enthusiast, data analyst Contact Ondrej […]