Forward Logo

Don't let it sit
in your head.

Forward is a completely free seven-week-long program for building new startups.

All it requires are ideas and capable people willing to turn them into reality.

What you'd get from Forward

Learning by doing

  • Weekly workshops held by professional coaches
  • Validated idea through customer feedback
  • Product development, business model, sales, funding and more

Valuable network

  • 1-on-1 meetings with a personal mentor
  • Connections and support from Lutes community
  • Opportunity to pitch to investors and audience

Money grants

  • Chance to win a share of prize pool
  • Business expenses such as components, marketing or traveling paid for

Working space

  • Access to Lutes Aquarium office
  • Supplies, coffee, fridge etc.

Ready to turn your ideas into reality?

Forward is coming again soon. Applications open in the spring of 2020.