LUTES 2022: From Idea to IPO

Written by: Jonas Papathemelis

The year 2022 has started at a rapid pace. The size of our board has increased by a member and we have set new goals for this year; we are expanding our operations to the Lahti campus.


In 2022, we will be Finland’s first Entrepreneurship Society (ES) community to operate on two campuses, in two different cities, as we expand our operations to the Lahti campus. Our goal is that both LUT and LAB students studying in Lahti can benefit from our community. Because of this, the new LUTES board has created a new position, which is the Lahti Community Manager. Who will be responsible for developing operations on the new campus.


This year, we want to further strengthen LUT’s start-up environment by providing new tools and opportunities for our students to start businesses that will change the future. We plan to accomplish this by organizing a variety of larger events and developing the Forward Business Accelerator, through which we can connect new companies with foreign investors.


When a student joins LUTES, their potential increases immediately. LUTES gives you the skills that are needed in entrepreneurship and that are also useful in the professional working life. The spirit of our community is strongly based on the spirit of doing things, where everyone gets to do what they want. Our goals is to keep LUTES as a place that is accessible for everyone to develop themselves and learn new things, now and in the future.


The development of the Finnish ES community at the national level is one of our main goals. During this year, we will extend our cooperation with the entrepreneurial communities of other Finnish universities. We see great potential in national co-operation, which has a great positive effect on the Finnish entrepreneurial scene. Through nationwide ES cooperation, we hope to offer our members even more interesting events as well as wider networking opportunities.


Meet our amazing 2022 board 🔥

Lauri Hollo - Chairman

I’m Lauri Hollo, a second-year student in environmental engineering. Originally from Finland.

My goal in 2022 is to develop LUTES in a way that it focuses directly on entrepreneurs. My vision is to give students the tools to create startups that will shape the future of our generation. By further developing our ecosystem so that everyone can benefit from it. By the end of this year, I hope to have helped more than 10 new startups to turn their idea into a real company, heading towards an IPO. This is why my motto for LUTES this year is: From idea to IPO.

Venla Ollikainen - Vice-Chairman, Events manager

Heyy everyone! My name is Venla and I’m from Finland, originally from Lahti, but now living here in Lappeenranta. I’m a second year Industrial Engineering and Management student.

I know that the upcoming events are going to be epic because we get to work with all of you like-minded, hard working people. This year, I can’t wait to meet everyone and help you with your entrepreneurial journey.

During the year 2022 I want to see our community grow with more amazing and active members and to create a channel where everyone can get to know and reach their full potential, and develop their skills.

Hope to see you in Parvi and in our upcoming events! <3


Nette Lehto - Events manager

Hello! My name is Nette and I’m from Finland. I’m a second year Industrial Engineering and Management student. 

My goal for the year of 2022 is to organize interesting entrepreneurial events together with our amazing team and create new exciting events for all students from LUT and LAB that are interested in entrepreneurship. I also want to focus on growing and developing our programs like Forward, where students can improve themselves and expand their network. LUTES is also going to develop the Day-One program that connects companies with mentors and concrete tools to grow.


Joel Räsänen - Partnerships

Gooood morning! I’m Joel, I study International Business in LAB and run my own company at the same time.

My goal this year is to expand long term partnerships with new partners that share our values, which our members can benefit from. I want every LUTES event to have a suitable partner. After this year as part of the LUTES board, my goal is to become a well connected, more improved version of myself and be ready for my future endeavors. I know that LUTES is going to help me with my journey as an entrepreneur and give me lifelong connections and relationships. 


Eetu Äyräs - Treasurer

Hey! I’m Eetu Äyräs, and I will be the Treasurer for this year. I’m a first year student of Industrial Engineering and Management.

My goals during 2022 are to learn more about how accounting and finances work in associations and of course, to make sure our finances don’t make us go bust.


Maria Tolonen - Marketing Manager

I’m Maria, I’m originally from Spain but I have lived in Finland for 6 years. I am currently completing a master’s degree in International Marketing Management. 

This year the marketing team has doubled in size, so as the marketing manager I am focusing on big projects and adding marketing analytics to all our processes to optimize all marketing actions. In 2022, my team and I will continue bringing cool content and projects of interest to our LUTES members and continue increasing our following across all social media platforms!


Meerimaria Ketokulta - Community manager

Hey there pals! I’m Meerimaria, but people call me Meeri. Fully-Finn with all the love for salmiakki and ruisleipä (rye bread), but also with huge energy and sunny vibes! I’m studying a master’s degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship. 

In 2022 I get to lead a very motivated team of five doers, and together we’re trying to bring you events, workshops and other concepts to develop yourself, as well as grow our community with new members from all study fields in our campuses. Also, we have some totally new projects we’re working on this year, so stay tuned.

Aatu Männistö - Community manager

Hi! I’m Aatu Männistö. I’m from Finland and I live in Lahti. I’m a student at LAB- university of Applied Sciences and I’m a first year business student.

My goals for 2022 are to expand our operations and build our community in Lahti, by organizing various events on the Lahti campus. My goal is to have LUTES become a well-recognized organization in the Lahti region.


These are our goals for this year, we hope to bring you amazing content and events, that will help your journey from an idea to an IPO. If you want to learn more about what we are doing, follow us on our social media, subscribe to our newsletter and come catch a cup of coffee in our Parvi co-working space. (4th floor, above the TEK-lounge)