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Rahtihintojen vertailu

Rahtihintojen vertailu Description Etsimme tekijöitä toteuttamaan kuljetuskustannusten vertailutyökalun. Tavoitteena on automatisoida kansainvälisen ja kotimaan maantieliikenteen kuljetuskustannuksien vertailu. Tavoitteena on verrata...

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Marketing Automation SaaS

Marketing Automation SaaS Description Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is currently one of the fastest growing industries. I want...

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Ultimate medical software

Ultimate medical software Description I desire to make ultimate medical device or software to quickly receive all the data about...

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Neural Net Market

Neural Net Market Description Marketplace of pre-trained neural networks for industrial machinery Looking for Student with business background Contact Email...

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Yoffer Description We are a marketing platform with the aim to connect small business owners i.e. one person enterprises to...

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Team for a Startup

Team for a Startup Description I am a programmer. I know how to turn a vps into a vpn server...

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INFOBITZ Description React native app which focuses majorly on content and media consumption in FInland in Finnish Language. Later stages...

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