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Lights the spark of doers.

Entrepreneurs and ideators that are looking to take that first step from inspiration to motivation can join the factory floor and get to work on the real stuff.

Why XX Factory!

You will be able to network, get actionable feedback on your business idea and step outside the box in this one of a kind event.




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Emmi & Maria 
LUT University students, LUTES members and the co-creators of the XX Factory.

Emmi & Maria created this event because they found there was a missing link between the inspiration most events gave attendees and the motivation needed to follow through, so they designed this 2 day event that would bridge this gap and create a highway that would yield results!Anyone that comes to the XX Factory will take part in an event that will push them to follow through on their dreams and come out the other end with a stronger sense of self, skills for professional development and a boost to step out of the box.


Veeti Huotari
Develop your career through entrepreneurship

Veeti is a UX Designer at Solita with a diverse background on entrepreneurship, consulting and startups. Currently Veeti is building his career as a designer by finding balance between business incentives, product value and aesthetics in given challenges. Veeti has previously worked in operations and sales, and he finds his versatile experience to benefit strongly his current career path.


Aape Pohjavirta
Selling a better world - change, entrepreneurship, and storytelling

Aape Pohjavirta is the Founder and President of Funzi. Funzi gives the world’s billions of mobile users access to motivating and useful learning, an opportunity to develop skills to build a better tomorrow. In his role at Funzi, Aape has become a recognized global industry leader with a vision of how science, technology, and innovation can contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Aape is also a passionate entrepreneurship coach and a frequent lecturer in universities, incubation and acceleration programs, and other institutions.


Visa Tuovinen
My journey & the story of Makea Coffee

As an entrepreneur since 2012, my goal has been to offer people consuming choices that are better for the environment and themselves. Since 2016 my focus has been coffee, which is pretty strange for someone who started enjoying this culinary delight at the age of 25. To be partially blamed for Lappeenranta´s fame as the coffee capital of Finland, I now run Makea Coffee, the Roastery of the year 2022.


Mika Tonder
Journey to entrepreneurship

Principal lecturer, Dr.Soc.Sc. LAB University of Applied Science, Faculty of Business Administration

Entrepreneur, business consult, coordinator of the Platform of Renewing entrepreneurship of LAB University of Applied Science

“My passion is to multiple people’s capabilities in leadership and entrepreneurship and help to create winning organizational cultures”



Room 1443

UKKO.fi | Sami Hernesaho
How to get started as a light entrepreneur

A long-term journalist and media planning manager responsible for UKKO.fi Entrepreneur school’s content.

My mission is to provide easy access information about how to become a light entrepreneur or private trader by using UKKO.fi low-cost services.


Chiara Montecchiari
Boost your business with Community Marketing

I’m a former Flight Attendant who became a Growth Marketing manager during Covid-19 times, and I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship. I have opened my own Handmade Jewellery company (www.monves.com) together with my best friend back in 2019, but it’s thanks to a very special Community I joined in 2021 that I have managed to grow it fast and efficiently.

I’m looking forward to share with you my journey, and all of the tips & tricks of Community marketing!

I hope my story will inspire you, and most of all that you will learn practical advices and examples that you can apply into your own business or generally, in life. See you in person at the event and, meanwhile, let’s connect on Linkedin:
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Room 1443

Nea Harjanne
How to come up with Startup ideas and how do you know if your ideas are good?

My name is Nea Harjanne, I am the CEO of Kiuas, the leading startup accelerator in Finland. Kiuas helps early-stage entrepreneurs through its award-winning accelerator program and free online tools such as the co-founder matching platform Kiuas Inside. Kiuas is the home of 500+ alumni founders that have gone on to raise over 200M in funding.


Anna Pogrebniak
Digital marketing: how to define & reach your audience

I’m a marketing professional with the most straightforward story from first sight. I went to a Finnish UAS, moved to Helsinki applied for a job in marketing, and ever since then worked in tech marketing. Hooray!

What you don’t see from this is that in order to get my first job, I had to do unpaid marketing jobs for nearly a year, learn digital marketing from zero (because universities don’t really teach that), and send probably 100 applications till I met my very first team at an event I volunteered for.

Now I am a software marketer with 5 years in the field and I lead a community for nearly 1000 international marketers in Helsinki (https://theawesomemarketers.com) trying to help young talents get a job & do better marketing. Let’s connect here:
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