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I need
an idea.

So you have the right mindset and passion, but the next big thing just hasn’t hit you yet?

I need
a team.

You have a brilliant idea or a product, but maybe not the skills to take it further? Or maybe you just want to brainstorm with people?

I need
a boost.

There’s the idea, a killer team… what next? 

I need

Congrats on making it this far! Now where does the money come from?

About Us

Lutes is a student-driven entrepreneurship society based at Skinnarila Campus in LUT University. 

We are on a mission to drive student entrepreneurship on the regional level with our events and programs. Together with other entrepreneurship societies and country level startup initiatives we aim to build a strong startup ecosystem in Finland.

Learn. Network. Build.

Takeoff 2019

Learn. Lutes arranges various entrepreneurship events throughout the year. In events like Taste of Success and Takeoff, our biggest event of the year, you’ll learn from the most experienced entrepreneurs and get to participate in case workshops. Lutes also arranges a Startup Excursion, where you get to visit the offices of the hottest startups of Finland. 

Day One 2019

Network. Lutes is all about bringing talented individuals, startups and future founders together. This is why we are launching Team Building by Lutes, a concept to achieve just this. Meet new people, engage in a community of encouragement and showcase your skills to participate in promising startups of the area.

Forward 2019

Build. During Forward, a free 7-week program, ideas are taken into action with the help of professional coaches and mentors along with the tools you need in order to build your new startup. Day1 mentoring program provides promising new student startups money grants and a valuable network of mentors and investors in order to take their business to the next level.

Get your business to speed with help of our network.

Day1 is the most valuable mentoring program for early stage startups in the Karelia area.

Application deadline

Applications closed

Forward is a completely free 7-week-long program for building new startups.

All it takes is fresh ideas and people willing to turn them into reality. 

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Takeoff 2019


Our annual flagship event, takeoff, brings together entrepreneurs, industry professionals and startup enthusiasts during one day of speakers and real life case workshops.

Takeoff 2019

Taste Of Success

Taste Of Success is an event concept in which expert entrepreneurs come and share stories of their success and failures.

Techrace 2018

Other events

during the year, lutes organizes various other events with different organizations and partners.

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Each year, Lutes selects a new team of entrepreneurially minded individuals to run the organisation.

Here’s our amazing team for 2020.

Mikko Pajula


(+358 50 4397744)

Patrik Pyöriä

Community (VP)

Olli Mattila


Quang Hoang


Katri Päivärinta


Ville Andersson


Come say hi to us and let's have a cup of coffee!

Lutes Aquarium is located on the ground floor of the main lobby, just past the kiosk.




Skinnarilankatu 34

PL20, 53850